Thank You Letter for Job Offer – Templates, How to Write, Samples

Thank You Letter for Job Offer: Job Offer is a letter or mail written by an employer to formally offer a job or position to a candidate. An employment Job Offer letter contains important details such as start date, job title, work hours, compensation etc. Receiving a job offer letter is a moment of joy & happiness. You’ve worked hard for a certain position, gave the interview, and now you’ve got a job offer letter.

After receiving a job offer letter, here is what you need to do;

Decide whether you want to Accept it or Reject it:

Job offer doesn’t mean you’re bound to take the job though. You still have the opportunity to negotiate, turn down the offer, or accept it entirely.

Make sure to write a Thank You Letter for Job Offer

A job offer thank you letter must be written to an employer as a kind gesture to show your gratitude. Write this letter in both cases of acceptance or rejection. Find a suitable sample or example from below to know how to write a thank you letter for job offer acceptance or rejection.

Type of Thank You Letter After Receiving Job Offer

After receiving a job offer letter, you have two option, either you want to accept it or reject the offer. It’s always good to respond back properly with a thank you letter to formalize your decision. Here are two types of letters that you can write after receiving a job offer.

1. Job Offer Acceptance Letter

If you’ve decided to accept the job offer then this letter is going to be your first formal interaction with the organization. It’s necessary to write this letter with utmost care to make a good impression. Write this formal letter in a proper professional format & layout.

2. Job Offer Rejection Letter

This is the letter which you write when you disagree with the offer details or you have a better job offer letter from another company. In case, if you’re rejecting the job offer, then respond back properly with reasons of not accepting the offer. Make sure to be thankful & grateful for the opportunity.

The main intent behind writing these type of letter is to express your gratitude towards a company for selecting or considering you for a particular position. A simple Thank You Letter is necessary for making good professional relations.

Thank You Letter for Job Offer Accepted Sample


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Click Here to Download Job Offer Acceptance Thank You Letter

Rejection of Job Offer Thank You Letter Example

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Click Here to download thank you letter for rejecting a job offer


What to Include in Thank You Letter for Job Offer

Following things must be included in a job offer thank you letter;

  • Thanks and appreciation for the opportunity
  • Write your decision i.e. acceptance or rejection
  • If accepted then you can negotiate on the terms and conditions of employment (salary, benefits, job title, etc.)
  • Starting date of employment

Keep Letter Brief: Write all the important information. Also, make sure to keep the letter short or brief. Avoid writing a long letter.

Show Your Gratitude: Your words should show the excitement you have for this job opportunity. Express how thankful you’re to be a part of such great team. Make sure to show your gratitude even if you’re rejecting it.

Proofread: DO NOT SEND A LETTER WITHOUT PROOFREAD. Check the letter at least once before sending it. Don’t let a silly writing mistake ruin your impression.


Thank You letters are highly appreciated in the professional world. Don’t think twice in writing a thank you letter for job offer. Show your gratitude towards employer or company for considering you to be a part of their team.

One quick tip: Keep a proper check on your spelling & grammar mistakes.

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