Salary Increment Letter Format for Employee

As an employee, you always look for an opportunity to get an increment. Who doesn’t love promotion or increments? We all are working hard to get promoted or get a pay raise. Apart from the work, you need to build a strong case to support why you need a pay raise. A salary increment letter is surely gonna help you in getting a pay raise, you need to know the correct format to write an impactful letter.

What is a Salary Increment Letter?

A salary increment letter is written by an employee to the employer asking for a pay rise or hike in their pay. Also, note that employers also write these letters to inform an employee about the salary increment. As these are formal letters, which means there is a formal format that must be followed.

Below you can see sample letters of salary increment available for both employees and employers. Take reference from these letter samples to make your own salary increment letter. The link to download a letter in an editable format is available below each letter

Sample Salary Increment Letter Format for Employee


James Drake
Vine Street KY 12482
(514) 355-7896
Sommer Madison
Mall Road New Jersey 89578
Subject: (Salary Increment Letter)

DearSommer Madison,

I have been working at XYZ technologies as an SEO Expert in the department of Digital Marketing for the past three years. During these years, I have been involved in and successfully handled big projects. Currently, I am working on five projects.

I haven’t got any increment for a long time now. I request you for a salary increment for the services I render to this organization. This salary hike is much needed and will work as a booster for my enthusiasm and will help me in performing even better.

Please consider this request. Looking forward to a good response.

Thanks and Regards,

(Your Signature)
James Drake

Salary Increment Letter From Employer to Employee

Kylie Aniston
Omega PA 98789
(654) 393-5734
Kate Wisely
San Antonio MI 78968
Subject: (Salary Increase Confirmation)
Dear Kate Wisely,
This letter is to inform you about the salary increment. You have been working at XYZ technologies as an SEO Expert in the department of Digital Marketing for the past three years. You have handled many big projects throughout these years.
Keeping your work performance and enthusiasm, the company has decided to increase your salary. Apart from that, we would also like to inform you that you have been allotted two more projects and there will be a 25% hike in your salary.
We hope that this increment will bring more enthusiasm and passion for the work. Please meet the HR Manager at the earliest and complete the documentation formalities.
Thanks and Regards,
(Your Signature Here)
Kylie Aniston


Now you have Salary Increment Letter Format for Employee samples to take reference from. Creating a formal letter is not a big deal when you have a ready to use sample letter at a place.

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