Best Leave Application for Marriage – Free Samples, Templates

Every organization, company, business, school, college, institute offer leave for the purpose of marriage. If you’re here looking for the best samples of leave application for marriage then this is the right place. Here we’ve shared marriage leave application samples, examples, and free templates. Use these samples to create your own leave application.

There is a proper way of writing leave application, if you’re going to write one then it’s recommended to first check the samples from here to see the correct format or way of writing a leave application. Few things must be included in a marriage leave application such as date, time and venue of the marriage. You can also include the marriage invitation to provide it as proof along with the leave letter.

The season of marriages is going now. You must be having a lot of marriages to attend, keeping that into consideration here we have shared multiple examples of leave application for marriage so that you can create a leave application easily.

Here is one template;


How to Write Leave Application for Marriage – Tips for Writing

There are few things which must be taken into account while writing a leave application. Read the points below to understand how to create a marriage leave application.

  • Firstly mention whose marriage is it i.e. friend, brother, sister, or any other relative. Mention the correct details of the marriage such as date, time, duration, and venue of the marriage function. Mention a reason behind attending this marriage. If possible, then you can also include an invitation card to give proof.
  • Use the formal way of writing leave application. Make sure to use the words which are easily readable & understandable. Keep your application simple and to the point only. Stay away from using informal words.
  • Keep your application formal and professional. You are writing this letter to your school principal or employer so it’s necessary to write it in a formal & professional manner only.
  • Here you’re seeking permission for leave so make sure to be calm, polite and your letter tone should be in requesting form. Management doesn’t like rude or selfish tone.
  • Before sending your application, make sure to read it once and look out for any grammatical or spelling errors.

These are a few points which you must keep into consideration while writing any leave application. A properly written leave application often results in approval while a badly written application may lead to rejection. That’s why it’s recommended to look at the professional samples shared here.

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage to Principle

The layout of the Marriage Application Letter

  • Always begin with writing the sender’s name & address at the top. Then write the date of writing the letter. Then write the receiver’s name and full address.
  • Write the Subject (subject should explain the purpose of your letter)
  • Write the salutation.
  • Then write the main body of the letter (explain the reason for your leave, write the number of days for the leave, give wedding details such as date & time).
  • Close the application with thanks, warm regards, and your name and signature.

Leave Application for Marriage in Family



More useful templates are added here on a regular interval of time. Hopefully, you liked this Leave Application for Marriage, if yes, then please share this page with other people as well who might need these samples.



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