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An auction is simply, determining a fixed price of any item for the start and then people simply bid their prices and the person with the highest bid owns the item, the process of an auction is carried by an auctioneer.But, the silent auction bid is something different, it did not include an auctioneer.In a silent auction bid, people use the sheet of papers to place their bids, the one with the highest bid wins the auction.The silent auction is mostly done by charities to raise fund, but it’s not that easy to execute a silent auction bid successfully.You need a good plan for the execution.

Download Template Doc

Download Template Doc

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Download Template Doc

How to Do A silent auction?

Resources you need to do a silent auction:

1. Volunteers

You need some volunteers to carry out a silent auction.You can contact people as volunteers via phone numbers or emails.Volunteers will help you to monitor the auction, close tables at an appropriate time, stay attentive about the minimum bid, a crew to organise the bid sheets, collect money from the bidders who win, clean up crew, etc.

2. Communicate for Donations

To carry out any event you need some capital to execute it properly.To make available the required capital you need to contact to some people, your friends may be interested in helping you once they know about the cause of the auction.

3. Master List

A master list is the collection/listings of all items which are ready for a bid.It contains the value of the item, the name of the donor, contact information of the donor, for how much it bought in the auction, the name of the winner, winner contact information, etc. any field that you think is significant can be written in this list.

4. List up every item

You must list up every item by giving numbers to each item or by alphabets.It helps in keeping track of each and every item.The items which are similar are also differentiated with this way.Synchronise it with the master list.

5. Items you need for the execution of the event

Items that will be needed during an auction like a pen,  colours, clipboards, tables, chairs, paper, etc.You must get some extra tape, pens, bid sheets, etc. to be prepared for the event.

6. Bidding Sheets

A bidding sheet contains the name of the item, info about te item, who donated it, how much it’s worth, minimum bid and minimum bid increments, bidders name, contact number, and the amount they bid.Make an extra column of “buy it now” in case if anyone wants to leave an auction before it ends.

7. Be prepared before the Time

Be prepared at least a day before the auction in order correct any mistakes if occurred.Stay out of any stress and be prepared before time so that you can execute the event properly without any hassle.

8. Secure the Bid Sheets

At the end of the auction, the bid sheets are susceptible to be lost or knocked around.Hence, be very careful and collect all the bid sheets and hand it over to the in charge of the event.

Download Template Doc

Download Template Doc

Download Template Doc

Download Template Doc

Download Template Doc

Do’s and Dont’s

  • You use a bid sheet that at least starts from 40% of the market value.
  • “Buy It Now” should also be included in the list for the donor ease.
  • There should be an increment of 10%
  • Do not put the bid sheets on the clipboard, as it creates a problem in writing.

Hence we are providing different designs of free silent auction bid templates which are available in different formats which are easily editable and also helps you in creating error-free bid sheets with no waste of time.So, choose any template and start creating your bid sheet and have a wonderful auction event.

Download Template Doc


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