Letter of Appreciation for Good Work Performance – PDF, Doc, Format

Appreciation letter is something that everyone wants to receive. Is there any person who doesn’t love appreciation? Well, the answer would always be No. Every single person loves to get appreciated for their work, job, good performance, behavior, dressing, etc. Here we’re talking specifically about Letter of Appreciation for Good Work. In the professional world, it’s actually a great habit to appreciate your employees, workers, colleagues, clients for their dedication & commitment to work. Getting appreciated is the biggest motivation one can receive from their employer or boss.

Letter of Appreciation can be written in any situation whether it is personal or professional. If you’ve decided to show your gratitude towards someone for his/ her great work or contribution then why not write a proper appreciation letter and send it immediately. Below you can see some tips, samples, examples, and templates which will help you in making a good appreciation letter for a job well done.

What to Include in Appreciation Letter for Good Work

Here are a few basic things that must be included in a letter;

  • Mention the date on which the appreciation letter was written.
  • Include the basic information of the person to which the appreciation letter is for.
  • Mention the name of the person who has written the appreciation letter.
  • Mention the reason for appreciation.
  • Give details of the appreciation. Mention the good work or performance to let a person know why this letter is written.
  • A message of either Thanksgiving or regards.

Example of Letter of Appreciation for Good Work


Appreciation Letter for Good Work, Letter of Appreciation, Letter of Appreciation for Good Work, good work appreciation letter template

Click Here to download good work appreciation letter template in .doc Word format

Employee Appreciation Letter Template

Appreciation Letter for Good Work, Letter of Appreciation, Letter of Appreciation for Good Work, good work appreciation letter template

Download employee appreciation letter template

Tips for Writing a Letter of Appreciation for Employees Work

Here are a few tips that you should use to write an impressive piece of appreciation letter for employees or workers.

Online Templates

Seek reference from online templates to see the format & layout. A professionally written letter should have a certain format. If you’re writing informally to your friend or family then, also make sure to write properly with correct font size & layout.

Short & Concise

Stay away from writing long paragraphs. Always be short and to the point. Mention the purpose or intent behind writing a letter. Keep your words polite and humble. A well written short & concise letter is easy to read than long written out of context letters.

Appreciate the Efforts

You’re writing this letter to appreciate someone work or their performance, so make sure to do that properly. The intent of the letter is appreciation and your words must do that, otherwise, there is no point in writing. Simply include the fact that you appreciate the help or accomplishment, and how much you value the contribution.

Be Sincere

Be Sincere with your appreciation. The appreciation should come from your heart and receiver must felt that. If you don’t know how to write such letters then seek reference from templates shared here.


Make sure to read a letter at least once before sending it. A single typo, a misspelled name or any silly writing mistake can ruin the entire letter. Always proofread before sending.

Email or Hand deliver

Once you’re done writing. Immediately take the action of sending it. An email is a good option or you can deliver it via some other person or you can hand deliver it by yourself. Choose any option as per your convenience.


Every person loves to hear words of appreciation. If you’re feeling saying Thank You to someone for their work, good behavior, kindness or anything, then it’s the right time to send a thank you email or note to let them know how grateful you’re for their work, assistance or advice. Take a few minutes to write a letter of appreciation.

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