15+ Job Description Templates – Free Samples

Looking to write a well-prepared job description template? Then check out the templates shared below to ease your work. A job description is a written content that indicates tasks, job, and responsibilities of an employee or worker under the particular job or position. It is important for every company to have a well-prepared job description to let employee or workers know what they need to do is what is expected from them. A job description is vitally used in the recruitment process to best the suitable candidates for a particular job or position. All the elements related to the job i.e. skills, expertise etc are mentioned properly in the job description.

The purpose of sharing a job description is to attract the right candidates for a job. It should ease your job of getting the right people for the required position. One needs to very careful while preparing a job description and that’s why we’ve shared these free templates which will assist you in preparing a right job description which will yield more efficient results. There are many types of job description templates as shown below, pick the right one as per your work requirement.


Free Job Description Templates


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Program Manager Job Description Templates

The job of the program manager is very crucial for a company, they ensure efficiency and profitability in the management of a company’s products deliver. However, the product manager may or may not have different roles or responsibilities depending on their skills, capabilities, and expertise. Use the program manager job description template from below.


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Restaurant Manager Job Description Templates

The job of restaurant managers is to mostly handle the kitchen affair in an efficient manner. They have to determine everything about food menus such as food prices, their benefits and much more. The main purpose of their job is to produce high quality of food while minimizing the wastage as much as possible. Restaurant managers must accomplish the objectives of their human resources.


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Graphic Designer Job Description Templates


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Store Manager Job Description Templates

All the activities of the store or outlet such as recruiting, handling employees and assigning them duties, communicating with suppliers, listening to customer complaints, checking stock, researching on market gaps and forwarding reports to directors etc comes under store manager only.

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Job Description Templates Sample

As mentioned earlier that hob description helps a job seeker to understand what is required from him/ her for a particular position. Similarly, an employee understands what are his responsibilities and duties while serving for a particular post. All big companies release job description on job portals when it comes to hiring new candidates for any job or position. The candidates check the job description to see what is required and then apply for a job. So, it is a method through which companies attract the right crowd so that they don’t have to filter much. Job descriptions are not only necessary to tell an employee’s role within the business organization or company but also explain reporting concerns and authorities.

A total of four templates are shared above and three are shared below. Pick the right template for you. With the help of these templates, you will be able to write a spotless and easily understandable job descriptions in short time period. This job description template will help you a lot in writing job descriptions for all types of jobs and positions accordingly.


Chief Operating Officer Job Description Templates


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Marketing Job Description Templates


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Sales Manager Job Description

Download predesigned sales manager job description template from below in .zip format to prepare a job description as per your requirement.


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So this is our collection of more than 15 Job Description templates, we’ve tried to cover as many categories as possible. If any category left then let us know through the comment section. Your feedback is always welcome. Also, share this post with people who might be looking for these type of templates. Keep visiting us for more and more useful templates.


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