Free Sign-in/Sign-up Sheet templates- Excel, Word

The Sign-up or sign-in sheets are a piece of writing, mostly in a tabular form which records the information of those visitors who attend an event.The information of the visitors may include name, contact address, phone number, email address, etc.Making a sign-up sheet is a very subtle way to record the information of the people.

The sheets can be used for a variety of purpose, like in taking an opinion of peoples on a certain idea, feedback of peoples on a workshop or seminar, and asking them how useful was the workshop or seminar for them?Asking them a reason why they have attended it?

Preparing a sheet will help the organization in improving its operations and services.Sign-up sheets come in very handy when recruiting volunteers, planning events, knowing opinions, creating mailing lists, etc.

We are here providing free templates for sign-up/sign-in sheets for our users which will help them make a simple and useful sheet without any hassle.These templates are available in the most suitable format i.e. Excel Format and Word Format.The sheets are easily editable and are printable.

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Tips to make a Sign-up/Sign-in Sheet

  • Start from the top corner

Write the objective of the workshop at the top corner clearly.You make write it diagonally to differentiate it from the rest of writing.Make your headings interesting for eg “Want to be a Volunteer?”.This will make people take some interest in knowing about the event.

  • “Sign-up Now” tag

“Sign-up Now” tag, at a place where you think it will be suitable for the eyes of the reader.This will make people give their names or information for the event.

  • Introduce Yourself

Below the sign-up option introduce yourself.who are you?For whom you work?The purpose of the sign-up sheet?

These are some of the questions which a person will want to know before signing up.Give all of the essential information on the sheet.

Download Template

Download Template

Sign-up Sheet 06

Download Template

Download Template

  • Make tables for different entries

Draw different sections for the different entries with the help of a ruler.Must make a column of the name, phone number, email address, and all other fields which you think is essential for you.But, do not give too many fields, it will make it very hectic to be filled.Keep it easy.

  • Make the entries number long enough

Entry number should be long enough to accommodate all the participants.The number should be according to the participants you expect to take part in an event.

  • Use graphics, If possible

Graphics always attract people sight rather than plain text.If there is some graphics available related to your event then you must insert it on the sheet, as it also increases the beauty of the sheet.

  • Try to be particular

Use one design for all the copies you are making of the sheet.Use specific places to paste and don not over-spread.This reduces the uniqueness.So, use appropriate places, the places where you think the interested people will visit.

  • Check it at a particular interval of time

Check the list time by time to ensure the number of entries and peoples are not making mistake while filling the sheet.If you find any wrong entries make a cross over it.

  • Done 🙂

Download Template

Download Template

We are providing free downloadable and printable templates on our page to help our users with their work.So, choose from the available various designs of the templates and edit it according to your own will.

If You find the above-provided information helpful or this page helped you anyhow then please comment in the comment section.Any suggestions to improve our site will be appreciated.


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