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Reimbursement forms are made to get back the expenses an employee has made on the services, equipment, etc. for the company.A reimbursement is given by the company to its employees for the expenses the employee has made for the company which may include telephones bills, medicare, software, office supplies, travel expenses, etc.A reimbursement form should be designed in a way to request the company for the general business expenses made by an employee.Nowadays, businesses require reimbursement forms and hence we are providing reimbursement form templates for our users which are easy to download free and customize according to your own requirement which will save your precious time and help you make an error-free form.

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More to Know About Reimbursement

reimbursement forms are used by almost every company, non-profit organizations and businesses to compensate their employees for the expenses they have made for the company.There is a format for reimbursement in businesses with which the employee has to attach all the receipts of expenses made for the sake of company by the employee.On our site reimbursement for templates are available free in different formats, like:

  • Reimbursement Forms in Doc format
  • Reimbursement Forms in PDF
  • Reimbursement Forms in Excel Format

The reimbursement of the expenses is made once the expenditure is approved by the company.There are some of the rules and regulations related to the reimbursement of the expenses in almost every company or business.There are different rules for the reimbursement at different companies, in some companies employee has to request the financial controller for the reimbursement while in some companies there is no need for any request and company itself at the last of the month pay back the expenses with the payrolls of the employee.

There are many different expenses for the company which is made by an employee and these may include:

  • Business Supplies
  • Business Travel
  • Medicare
  • Education and Training
  • Mobile Bills
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Apart from all above things, sometimes to charm your clients, you need to take them for lunch or for some other techniques that the client may like.This is also valid for reimbursement by the company.The rules and regulations related to reimbursement are written in the handbook provided to the employee.

There is a type of reimbursement which is also included in the reimbursement policy this is known as Mileage Reimbursement.Mileage is the travel which is done by an employee, for the company.All the expenses made in the trip are included in reimbursement.As an employer of the company, you may keep a record of each and every expense which are made in the trip by mentioning all the possible field of expenditure in the reimbursement form to avoid any conflict.There are some tips which could be taken care while preparing a reimbursement form:

  • You can seek help from a tax professional for various fields.
  • You should know about the actual expense and standard deduction
  • The daily commuting from home to work should not be deducted.
  • You may give some specifics about the future journey in the form.

While filling a reimbursement form you should be very attentive as any mistake may not give you a complete compensation.Similarly, there are many other fields which are liable under reimbursement like VSP, Medicare, etc.

We are providing various templates with different layouts and formats.So, choose any template of your choice and customize it according to yourself.

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Download PDF Template

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Download PDF Template

Download Excel Template

Download Excel Template

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