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A Raffle is a type of lottery in which tickets are bought of a contest by the participants, to get a chance to win a big prize.The price of the prize is larger comparative to the price of the raffle tickets, but out of hundreds of participants, there is a chance for few people to win a prize.So, ultimately the organizing authority owns a large part of the sum collected through the contest.Sometimes, raffles are contested by the local government to sort out the limited number of application from a lot of applications.

Hence we are providing raffle tickets and movie tickets templates to our users for free to download and customize according to your own will and use it wherever you want.There are different designs and formats are available.There are also some tips given which might help you in organizing a raffle.

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Tips to Organise a Raffle

  • First find a way to organize a Raffle legally, contact government regulatory

Gather the information on how to conduct a raffle in your state.Some states totally prohibit the organization of a raffle by some non-profit organization.The different states have different rules regarding organizing a raffle.So, must contact the government regulatory authority before conducting a raffle and know about the rules regarding raffle.Also, gather information that what prizes can you give to a winner cause some prizes may cause you legal troubles.The prizes which are more than $600 can take attention of IRS and may be a problem for you.Avoid the nature of prizes which include the use of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

  • Set The Rules

Be very careful while deciding on the rules.As a loser can cause problems for your organization if the person finds any lag or loopholes in the rules and regulations of the raffle.Be sure to conduct the raffle according to the rules and regulations of the government state authority and state in the rules.Make the rules very clear to everyone.Also, states normal rule like if a ticket is drawn and prize remains unclaimed then the next ticket will be drawn, the contestant must be present in person to collect the prize, etc.

  • Announce the prize

State clearly your prizes to the people.There may be only one prize for the winner or there may be several prizes for different levels for eg, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, consolation, etc.You can use other tactics to save some money like you can invite some local business to distribute the prizes and may save tax as a tax write-off.

  • Tickets Printing

There are some necessary points which need to be printed on the raffle tickets.You need to print some information like phone number, name of the conducting authority, address, a list of prizes, drawing date, etc.

Give some space for the participants, on one side of the ticket, to fill in their information on the ticket.Information like name, phone number, address, etc are to be needed to contact further.

Download Template

Download Template

  • Tickets Selling

The selling of the tickets are important things as a good decision of the avenue may include more participant in the contest.There are different methods to sell the tickets like door-to-door, online, advertisements, etc.

  • Hold Drawing

  • Contact Winners

If the winner of the raffle is not present then contact the person and tell him baout how to collect his/her prize.

We are providing free downloadable and printable templates on our page to help our users with their work.So, choose from the available various designs of the templates and edit it according to your own will.

If You find the above-provided information helpful or this page helped you anyhow then please comment in the comment section.Any suggestions to improve our site will be appreciated.

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