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A letterhead is an official page which gives the basic correspondence details of an organization or company.A letterhead contains the logos and reflects the company’s branding.Business Letterhead should be creative and eye-catching, we know that the company letterhead is very important in the corporate field.So, when you take a decision on how to design a letterhead you have to see a lot of designs and format; and it should be made in a way that the company’s logo forging should not be possible.

We are providing many templates from which you can choose any template of your choice and make a beautiful letterhead.The different layouts and different designs will give you a lot of option to make an attractive Letterhead.

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Tips To make a Letterhead Using Microsoft Word

  • Make a Layout

Firstly, sketch a layout of your letterhead and make it in a way that your every information fits in it.Design a layout of your letterhead on a white piece of paper.Give a space for your logo, address, name and any other contact info on the sheet.It will be more good if you have a tagline to include it in your sheet.

  • Open your Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word will give you a lot of options to make an attractive letterhead, now it depends upon you that how well you know to use Microsoft Word.

  • Save your document as a Template

Give the saved document a simple name so that you can locate it easily later, save the document in the separate templates folder.By saving it with a simple name you can use your letterhead whenever you need it.

  • Insert a Header

Use a blank header as a canvas for the letterhead you are making.

  • Start Making your Letterhead

Write the name of your company, address, name, contact number, email address, fax and website in a beautiful font.Choose the font according to the niche of your company.Choose the fonts, color, and size of the text.The font size of your company name should be greater than at least by two points from the rest of the text.Color can be your choice but try to use sober colors.Keep the font style same throughout the letterhead and contact number, fax, and e-mail address should be two points smaller than address.

  • Insert your Logo

Insert your logo to the letterhead by clicking on the insert icon and then choose an image.The image should be in .jpg, .bmp or .png format.

  • Choose an appropriate size and position of your logo

The logo should be clearly visible as it is an identity of your company.You can change the size and position of the logo by simply keeping your cursor at the corner of the logo and drag it to change its size.

  • Try to add some more Visual Elements

You can add some more visual elements to make it more attractive.For eg, you can use a fine black line to differentiate the different sections of the letterhead.It makes your letterhead better look wise.

  • Insert tagline in the footer

Insert your tagline in the footer.Adjust the font and size of the tagline, use the font of the tagline in italics and make the major word in capitals.

  • Review the letterhead

Do not forget to review your letterhead.Go through the every field look for spellings and numbers.Review it in full-screen mode and print a copy.

To save you from all these unnecessary things we are providing templates for letterhead to make it more easy for you yo create a letterhead hassle-free which is free to download and easy to customize.

If You find the above-provided information helpful or this page helped you anyhow then please comment in the comment section.Any suggestions to improve our site will be appreciated.

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