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A letter of introduction is written to some unknown people, usually for the business purpose or for a job, by an individual to seek a favor.The letter is written in an order to persuade the reader for the favor.Hence, while writing a letter of introduction the writer must use some tricks and powerful writing skill to make a great first impression on the reader.There are some tips to write a good introductory letter.In order to write a good introductory letter, you need to know some essential elements without which the letter will not work.Writing a letter of introduction letter is not easy.

We are providing free downloadable and printable templates of the letter of introduction for our users.They can be easily downloaded just by a click and can be edited according to the user’s need.The templates are available in the Word format.There are also some tips related to writing a letter of introduction that might help you in writing a wonderful letter.

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Tips to write a Letter of Introduction

  • Opening of the Letter

1. The addressee of the letter should be specific

You should try to know the person to whom you are writing the letter.The further concerns become easy if you know “to whom” to write.If you do not know the person or writing to a company then address as “All Concerned” or refer to the titled position.Start your letter by introducing yourself such as your name, position, title and subject of the letter.

2. Subject of the letter

In the starting of the letter, you need to write the cause of the letter.What do you want through the letter?Why should the addressee give you a favor?These are some point which should be answered in the letter otherwise your letter will do no good for you.State your reason or cause for writing the letter clearly and in the starting.

3. Style of writing should be appropriate

Your writing style should be normal neither it should sound very friendly nor too cold.The letter should be formal but must also have a feel of human warmth.Do not be very stiff while writing a letter rather it should be in a form of conversation.There is no need to show your English vocab in the letter.The reader must be able to read it and understand it without using a dictionary.

4. Try to make a relation with the reader

While writing the letter you should tell about any connection if you have in the company or the person who referred you.How you came to know about the vacancy and why you will be a good fit for the job?Try to make these points in the starting of the letter.

Download Template

Download Template

  • Body of the Letter

1. Tell the relation between your degree and the position

If you are trying for a job then you must establish a relation between your degree and the title.You should try to persuade the addressee that you will be a good fit for the position.Mention if you have got some experience or internship in the field before.Creating a link between the two will make a great impact and will help you to have the favor from the reader.

2. Be concise and clear

Write a letter with full clarity and knowledge of the thing for which you are writing a letter.Try to get an appointment to further explain yourself, or describe that why it would be appropriate for the concerned person to do a favor.But try to be concise cause no one is that much free to read your long full descriptive letter.

3. Don’t repeat the info of attachments in the letter

If you are attaching any documents say, a resume for a job, then there is no need to give the information in the letter which is already contained in the resume.

4. Try To get to another step

It is not possible to get your work done through your letter alone.So, always try to make it to another step through the letter.Try to fix up a meeting or an interview through the letter.Give your desire to meet the concerned person for a further and descriptive talk.

  • Recheck and Proofreading

1. Revise

Recheck the letter thoroughly to check if there is any spelling or grammatical mistake.As a mistake always leaves a negative mark on the reader.Look the letter and check that you have made your everything in clear words and nothing is ambiguous.Never give a false detail in a letter.So, if you have tried for stating something not true remove it from the letter.

2. Try to give a note at last

It has been recommended by the experts to include a Post Script(P.S.) in the letter.It is used to give an important information regarding the letter that can not be written in the letter.So, you may try to give a valid P.S. at the last of the letter.

Download Template

We are providing free downloadable and printable templates on our page to help our users with their work.So, choose from the available various designs of the templates and edit it according to your own will.

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