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A certificate which is used to show the cause for not attending the institution due to illness or health factor and is advised by a recognized doctor is called Doctor’s Note or Excuse note.It’s a written document which is issued by a medically qualified health care provider which attests to the current health condition of the person/patient.

A doctor’s note can be needed for various purposes other than school/office leave.A Doctor’s note can be used as a certificate to avail some benefits.It can be used to have some health benefits from the employer, to make an insurance claim, for tax purposes, it can be also used for disabled parking, to show the evidence of eligibility for a certain activity or for several other legal procedures.Doctor’s Note is also required by the people before joining some institutions or doing an activity to show that the eligible person is free of any contagious disease, drug addiction, mentally fit or other health related issues.

Hence, this is the page which can help you if you are looking for anything of the above.We are providing free printable doctor’s note template in word format which is easy to download and can be edited according to your own will.

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How to Write a Sick Note

For School or College

  • Tell your Guardian to write an Excuse note

In many schools and colleges, a simple note from parents or guardian stating the health issues with their ward is enough to show the validity of the truth.The parents can write it after the recovery of their ward and send it to school or can drop the note to school personally.The letter must have a period of time mentioned specifically the dates for which the leave has been taken.It must address to the class teacher and reason of absence should be there.

  • A note from a Doctor

There are some schools and colleges which do not accept the note from the Guardian and hence you need to provide them a note of your doctor.Ther you need to give a formal proof of your illness and treatment.So, ask the doctor who treated you to write a letter on his official pad stating your illness and time period for which you were under the doctor’s treatment.

  • Give contact information

Your school or college might want to check the validity of the Excuse Note.So, must give the contact information of your parents or doctor.

  • Tell your Teacher or Professor

If you are in a college or university you are most probably an adult and didn’t need your parent’s permission to be absent.Different universities and colleges have different policies.So, it is better to talk to your professor and tell about your problem.Most professors do not mind of you getting a leave for few days and may also provide you proper documents to cover up your studies.

  • Contact an Authority of your College(eg Registrar)

You may also contact to a person of your college administration.Inform the person about the condition and takes his advice on what to do.

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

Download Template

For Office/Workplace

  • Know the Rules

The rules of workplaces or offices are bit different.You first need to know the rules regarding the leave.According to the rules of UK, your employer can not ask you about the proof of illness if you were absent for less than a week.In the US the rules are much different, the employer can ask your justification before giving you a sick leave.So, must know about the rules.

  • Get a doctor’s Appointment

You need to provide a doctor’s certified note while joining back to the office after a leave.As you may be asked of the note by your employer as it is legal in some places of work.If the leave is long then doctor need to certify that you are not fit to attend the office for the time period and you are under his treatment.

  • Check out for the other workplace policies

You must also know the additional policies of taking a leave from the office.Especially if your leave is long you must comply with the other policies of the workplace.You can also fill out a self-certification form to tell about the reason of your leave formally.

Use our free doctor’s note template to write an excuse without wasting time and error-free in a formal format and layout.

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