Sample Employment Verification Letter – PDF, Word Template

Employment Verification Letter: As a name suggests employment verification letter is a document that acts as proof of employment that further can be used for a lot of purposes. There are many transactions where an employment verification letter is needed in order to check the background of a specific person including his/ her work history. There are many instances where you may need this letter, some of them are mentioned below;

  • maybe you are applying for a passport,
  • maybe you are applying for a credit card,
  • maybe you are applying for a new job, etc.

This letter is usually written by a boss or an employer. The basic purpose of this letter is to prove that a person is stating the truth regarding his or her employment.

These days almost all the companies whether big or small ask for employment verification to verify whether an employee has worked in the previous organization or not. As an employee, you have all the right to ask your employer to write this letter to you. In case, you are not familiar with writing such a letter or simply looking for a reference then check out the sample letters available below.

Sample Letter of Employment for Verification

Sender’s Name
Job Title
Company Name
City, State Zip Code


Reciever’s Name

Job Title
Company Name
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

This letter is to verify that {employee name} has been employed at {mention company’s name} at a position of {mention job title} since {mention date}.

For any further information regarding {employee name}, please feel free to contact me at {your phone number} or {email address}.


(Handwritten Signature)

{Your Name}

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What Is Included in an Employment Verification Letter?

As an employer, you should take care while writing such a letter. An improperly written letter may be harmful to the recipient, so it’s important to make sure that you have written a professional letter with proper format. Here are a few things which must be included in an employment verification letter.

  • Use Formal Letter: Make sure to follow a formal format only. Write your contact information at the top, then mention a date, and then write down the recipient’s contact information. Make sure to add a correct salutation at the beginning and at the end leave your handwritten signature.
  • Keep a Letter Clear and Concise: This letter should not be lengthy. Keep this letter short and to the point only. The purpose of this letter is to prove an employee’s employment, so there is no point in writing more than that.
  • Add the Employment Information: There are a few basic things which must be there in such a letter i.e. include the person’s name, mention the department in which he/she is working, write a person’s job title/position, mention the months or years he/she have been employed, etc. Ask the employee, if there is any other information to be added. Do not provide any other additional details unless requested.
  • Add your contact information: It’s always a good idea to leave your contact information at the end. Always offer to answer any additional questions. You could provide your contact number, email, etc.
  • Cross-check before sending: THis is the most important step. Make sure to proofread a letter once before sending it. Look for mistakes and correct them. Take your time to make this letter a professional one. Send a letter only after making it error-free.

Sample Employment Verification Letter Word

Shawn Paul
Director of Management
EMC Associates
15 Corner Street, Ste. 200
Portland, ME 03101

July 5, 2019

John Dillon
Vice President
Dillion Industries, Inc.
58 Vine Street, 5th Floor
Portland, ME 03101

Dear Mr. Dillion,

This letter is to verify that {employee name } has been employed at EMC Associates at a position of {job title} for the past three years in our Management Department. He/She has begun work on August 1, 2017.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me at {your phone number} or {email address}.


(Handwritten Signature)

Shawn Paul
Director of Management
EMC Associates

Download Link: Employment Verification Letter Sample

Download Employee Verification Letter Template

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Choose any sample letter or template from above to make your own employment verification Letter. Making a formal letter is easier when you have a letter template to choose from.

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